Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance

MABH Solutions is providing end to end services for Pharmacovigilance. We are committed to deliver high quality Services in Pharmacovigilance. We are a business driven in Filed of Drug Safety & Pharmacovigilance with highly qualified expert with a passion to be the best in business right from the first time and each time. Our LEAN processes and flexible engagement model allows us to quickly respond to volume fluctuations which cause ubiquitous resourcing issues. As a result, we deliver value to our clients by way of cost savings and process efficiencies.

MABH’s end-to-end drug safety and pharmacovigilance services span clinical and post-marketing phases from medical contact center to regulatory reporting to medical reviews to electronic regulatory submissions. Our project managers track daily, weekly and monthly metrics for quality, productivity and efficiency, and proactively work with our clients to strive to do better. Our expertise in regulatory reporting and clinical trial, signal detection and risk management along with technology and process automation provides us the ability to support and integrate multiple applications. By continuously improving our efficiency, cost improvements and productivity gains can be transferred to the client.

Why Outsource Pharmacovigilance Activities

  • Convert fixed resource costs into variable, workload dependent charges
  • Reduce the number of resources to recruit
  • Strengthen your business model and improve flexibility
  • Improved efficiencies and return on investment (ROI)