Data Translation

Data translation is the process of converting data from the form used by one system into the form required by another.

The volume and complexity of data available to organizations continues to grow. Even for organizations that can afford a data science team, getting to actual analytic insights can be a challenge. Data science teams may not fully understand the primary business motivators behind the requests they receive.

As more organizations turn to analytics, modeling, AI, machine learning and similar technologies, there is a growing danger that project goals or insights gleaned from data could somehow get lost in translation.

MABH aims to bridge this gap. We coordinate between data science teams and business teams to ensure that:

  • Realistic priorities are being set for data-based programs.
  • Analysis is conducted with specific, measurable goals in mind.
  • Non-experts can successfully interpret data presented to them.
  • Data-derived insights are put into appropriate action.

  • MABH helps smooth out the disconnects in business relationships. We operate as advisors, liaisons, project managers and SMEs in presenting both data insights and business goals to the appropriate teams so that businesses can obtain an actual return on their investments in BI and data analytics solutions.

    As a Data translator, our main responsibilities are:

  • To ensure that the deep insights generated through sophisticated analytics translate into impact at scale in an organization.
  • How to best present information so as to reveal the most relevant insights and prompt action.